Russian About to get Eaten by his Dinosaur + Bonus!

Thank Caboose for giving me the idea to do this.

Thread Music:

Bonus Music


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Comments and Ratings highly appreciated.

What do you mean “Nearly”?
Hes fucked!


nice spit editing btw

Nom Nom Nom

Fuck, the shading on the russian is awesome!

Awesome spittle edit.

Listen to thread music for both pictures, especially the bonus (skip to around 1:00) for it to be epic.

John Williams music! ** huzzah! **

The shading is really damn good like everyone said and so is the posing and camera angle, but you messed up the shadows on the russian’s foot.

Migosh, is this a screenie?
Or an artistic pic?

Nice spittle but the shading looks too heavy and quite random and the dinosaur’s pose looks painful.

Nice shading and spit.
Bonus with music is amazing.

Dinosaur is spazzing, help him!!!

Great spit.

Thanks for all the great comments guys.