Russian admin on battlefield/region93 server went rage report players

[Need advice]
The essence of the story is. We went with a friend to play BATTLEFIELD / REGION93 / PVP / KIT / INSTACRAFT

And we decided to find teammate together
Here is a copy of my message

([SIED] Alex: Looking for teammate Requirements:. 1k + hours, 18+, Skype + we’re from rustopia Skype bfgkazuki…)

I wasn’t spamming and wrote this msg every 5-10 minutes

Then main admin wrote to me:

CHEMIST: Aleh another your message and ban (in russian aggressive way)

After more adequate conversation he regarded my message as an advertisement and gave me warning.
I changed my message on

Set in the clan. Requirements: 1k + hours, 18+, Skype + Micro … Skype bfgkazuki

Immediately after this message I get banned. I never received a ban to rise (this is my 1st time).

A few hours later I managed talk to administrator and he refused by unban. I wrote to the administrator that I’ll post this story, and then I got a hint from him that he would give me a report (it was said mildly) via Rcon which in this case is sad to any player.

This story is not fiction. Do not become a victim of the administrator.

At the end of the Administrator Ivan gave me a definitive answer:

Ivan :

and now I’m sorry from the official I jump down and tell you so that you too think he and I spoke to you purely for fun, I prescribe you a lifetime ban for your impudence, I wanted you to unban and you tell me then this story goes public, like you, I meet 10 per day! I survived a lot of stuff and I can survive you! and now good luck

Ivan started threathening me saying that he’ll get me VAC ban. That I won’t be able to play on any rust servers.

I need advice what to do

P.S: If I had known in advance that on the server such that an administrator would not even go. At the end I recived Rcon ban from him.

Good luck!

If you have spoken to the Admin/Owner and he has been this aggressive and refuses to unban you then there is nothing you can do. He owns the server and thus can do as he pleases.
As for the threat of him getting you VAC banned that is impossible for him. He has no sway or access to the VAC system to ban you and that you can only get banned by VAC, EAC or now CheatPunch if those anti-cheats detect you are running a hacking program in the background while Rust is running.
You have nothing to worry about in that regard and unfortunately you have to find a new server to play on because he seems adamant to keep you banned and the Facepunch team has no authority to unban you on their behalf unless it has something to do with hacking and false-positives etc.
Hope this helps.

Jesus just move on. It’s one server. Next time listen to the admin when they ask you to stop doing something. Seems to me your brought this on yourself. I’d ban you too.

So you got banned for spamming? Serves you right.

Find another server and don’t be a spammer.

spam is ANY unwanted content; it might be more tolerated if it happens every 5-10 minutes, but if they tell you to stop, and even banned you before giving you a second chance, you should STOP SPAMMING.

anyway, as you have been told above; the admin cannot VAC ban you, that only happens if you are detected using cheats by VAC. nobody other than the server owner can undo the server ban. and it is deserved.