Russian and US forces, side by side.

Nessicary break from my magless weapon malarky
I was gonna add some thread music, which would have been “Why can’t we be friends”.

Back to work :sigh:

Pretty good, altough its generic (who the fuck cares) and sometihing like a clipping issue with the guy with the m4

Why is the Russian dude wearing a snow hat in the desert

cuz he’s a russian :).
just kidding. But yea I think it looks good overall but they are holding their weapons a little weird.
I don’t think their left hands should be holding their mags.

Looks pretty good man!

At first glance, the russian dude looks possesed but very good all-in-all.

not bad, but the russian guy looks kinda :downs:

The coat and fur shit is kind of out of place. Also, Russia is becoming more and more ‘allied’ with the US each day.

I know! It’s so awesome!
I am also suprised that nobody said anything about the GP30 or the Masterkey.

Hell yeah it is!

I never really see modern german pose and not many brits
Ahem anyway the mag of the guy with the masterkey is touching the guy’s shoulder and the stock of the m4 is clipping the arm,guy with the ak47 is kinda clipping,same with the guy with the ak74u gp30…

anyway i think its good to me…counter terrorist shall live!

I was going to say that. :v:

The Russian looks stoned.

Most of the soldiers are holding there guns like that:

Nice pic I’m wondering if anybody want’s the skins I made for the russians though?

Clipping is enevitable, because if they don’t clip it doesn’t always look like the are holding the guns.

Nice. Where can I get the M4 with the shotgun attachment?



slow loading image is slow.

finger posing is fucking spot on! its so real!!! :smiley: