Russian Apartments | gm_apart

Yo, so this is a map based on old soviet apartments. I tried to recreate some of them.

It consists of 3 apartments, each has 3 - 4 rooms.

And there’s some walls that you can break.

So, originally this map was made for a gamemode that me and a friend were planning to make. Basically like Siege, but in GMod.

I would love someone to criticize it

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Is the apartment infested with fireflies?

lol, yeah I wish

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Too bad; you have an exceedingly rare sense of placement and proportion that the majority of Source mappers totally disregard. Nothing I can think to criticize. Maybe a tonemap controller?

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Wow, thanks dude, I thought my sense of proportion is pretty bad. About tonemap controller, this map already has it. Idk if it looks good, I guess the tonemap settings aren’t that noticeable.

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