Russian Armored Division Rolls Out

CrzyMLC did the editing. C&C?

That game was ** Fine Cool ** …

finger posing on the guy pointing looks weird

It kinda looks optimistic a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

The guy pointing?


Just watch, somehow Ghost and his companions will defeat ALL of them.

This picture is really weird, mainly because they are coming down a road, yet they came from the direction of were there is a avavalance of trees and shit…


Good work.

You should make the shadows more prominent.

I laughed at the pointing guy.

Tank doesn’t look like it’s up to scale. (YES THAT MAY BE ITS REAL LIFE SIZE I DUNNO).

Can’t really say anything bad or good about this, really.

It’s in any other dimension up to scale except height. I couldn’t really make it look good without making it look like it’s stretched. So…
Anyways, not bad.

Awesome! Where did you got that nice tank?

I bet it’s from the WiC pack.

I dislike the glow filter. Reminds me of DB’s edits. No, it’s not bad because of that, it just looks ugly. Posing and shading are ok.