Russian business or strike while the iron is hot. (Garry plz see) Important!

Russian business or strike while the iron is hot.

I’m hosting provider from Russia.
(I use Google transliteration, sorry for the mistakes.)

Everybody knows Russian, we have bears and vodka!)
And we have a Russian business, very lousy thing.

Since I’m doing the game servers, and survival games just love myself. It was decided to make contact with the alleged Russian GSP representatives.
They call themselves and according to them, the server theirs. made an offer:
Installing the server rust on one of my dedicated server for 80 euros per month.
That is, they will put a formal assembly on each of my server, and I’ll resell people.
Of course, I is not profitable, and end users will be a huge price.
I am against high prices for customers, and rejected the proposal.

Further, they identified themselves as and started selling servers.
Investigating, I went to aka
And get the following picture:
Non-authoritative answer:

Non-authoritative answer:

They added in as GSP provider. and sells pirated servers already a month, and they were given the status of the GSP …
Guys, what a mess? Where is the justice?
I’m doing the screens and evidence.
MyArena apparently agreed to buy at this circuit assembly rust.

Just as I know that another hosting provider in Russia, they offered the same scheme.
I’m sorry my clients, and many of the guys who play in the Russian rust.
Because of such resale, they are forced to pay huge money for the content server.

Once again I ask the developers will provide an opportunity to test the rust in Russia through direct representative.
Thus, people will be able to get the price much lower.
I’m hosting provider is guaranteed!
Thank you for your attention.

This is how to make money on the usual players even pirates, forgetting about conscience.

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Those who can read English, correspondence with the owner

if your asking for garry to give you the server files so you can then give them to paying clients then the answer will probably be no

I misunderstood your post. Write details.

He say: If you asking garry - he give you server files - but this bullshit. I try it - no answer to me :slight_smile:
ru: он говорит - попроси гарика и он даст тебе серверные файлы, но хер - не дает он ничего никому, только юр.лицам под подписку о неразглашении ну или типа того…

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Garry! Please geve us server files and we will never turn off the grass! :rolleyes:

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. HP

I am a legal entity, I work alone. I have all the documents.
Since I work alone, I have the lowest prices on the Russian data centers in Moscow.

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Following this theme, my site became DDoS. Draw your own conclusions.

Load has stated he wants to be a Rust GSP. He’s also saying the above mentioned host providers are selling or have sold cracked servers.

I think he wants to be a GSP for now and after he has the server files, well lets just say his IP’s will change and all of a sudden there is no longer a GSP provided by him.

Never mind seems legit

The wiki only includes official server providers. I don’t understand what the thread starter wants to tell us, but yes, is a partner of Ideal-Hosting in regards of Rust servers. I doubt there is anything wrong with that. Alexander from Novgames is maintaining and administrating those servers in the Russian datacenter as well as running official servers for Russian players (See the in-game list).

sorry but garry only uses Ukrainian servers

good luck to you and god speed

You named this service “maintaining and administrating”? My web-panel (and all who buy this service) crashed 4 days which stay in yours IP adress! Who guilty in these failures?!

did you not get the message in the last thread you had???

you’re not getting a server key if you’re threatening to host cracked servers

Your drun wanted to sell me rust … It’s funny.

If anyone believes the tone, I can lay out the screenshots and videos.

OP. Im sorry for you. But thats how ideal-hosting, and their staff rolls. While the most GSP for rust suck hard. They suck the hardest dicks in town.

I do not know what to say but strange thing happened yesterday when i visited the playrustwiki,list of service providers page.There was a picture of a gay porn insulting the “Loadcore”.After all what he told us on this forum,actually someone just trying to take him out of their way.

Now hopefully it’s working normal again without any of that kind picture.If those GSPs actually selling “pirated” servers to people,then yeah it’s actually a big problem.

Such people as the ideal hosting abused GSP and trying to capitalize on this big money purchases by way described above.
After the publication of the facts and correspondence, they become quieter.
But in any case it’s not fair to honest hosters.

Being listed on the wiki proves nothing. This is not a GSP approved by facepunch/garry so they are runnign cracked/pirated versions of rust. Do not get in business with this scam artist!

That’s right. Pretty much anyone can edit the wiki…it’s a wiki. If there are people advertising cracked servers on it, you should inform the moderators so they can throw down on those user accounts/IP addresses adding entries for cracked servers on the wiki.

This he wrote yesterday, once added to the list.

This is his answer about the article in this forum
He strongly requested to remove photos rack of servers, I refused.

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Just say here replaces a lot of money, and they will be justified to the last. All who saw the Russian conversation in my vkonakte, immediately realized what was going on, and what kind of dirty business going these people.
I did not go on their terms, for me and the users are simply not profitable.

If anyone still does not believe I found a page where arrogates to itself the right hosting rust.

Cached copy just in case :

Translate the text from the site:

These long huckster can make excuses, but brought them to clean water.