Russian Combat Polices


↓ Extreme super-dof practices

Woulda’ Skipped the other two,
but mild SDoF on the first woulda been nice.

The judge, the jury and the executioner.

“Freeze! Drop your weapon!” BANG

Gmod dof is so ugly, i miss the old one

Nice, but the dog looks dead.

Also, did you headhack the gasmask on to the model?

Yes, I did.
And I’m gonna release it with more variations…

Where’d you get the dog, by the way?

The cops should stop using vodka as a substitute for water since their Dog looks weird as all hell.

fixed, dude*
don’t blame the guys since their dog is an alcoholic

This should be released. I Like it.:smile:

You just bumped this thread… it’s over a year old… next time check the last post date before you post.