Russian Digital Camoflage Skin for CoD4 Loyalist.

Link :

Edit Model : ddok1994
Ragdoll, Compile : zz8140

Awesome work again ddok!


The loyalists were not wearing vests…

Nice to see these released!

Do we need the original models and materials from the COD4 pack?

i get this :frowning:

I think you didn’t put materials folder in garrysmod folder…

notice : they have lesioned eyes, you can fix that to use the eyeposer.

notice2 : If you have chl0407’s loyalist, you get more digital patterned ragdoll.

It would be awesome if someone could recompile these with rebel/combine animations. Yet the skin is awesome too!

Where you got those?

Inside this skin file.

Would you mind putting these textures for these guys im not the digi type but it would be nice…

it already in Superfrog’s loyalist

I know but i wanted it with the faceplate/visor though,plus your is better

Youre right i made it in addon format sorry!

This looks very sexy. I love these Russians.

I have a question though.

Is it possible to take off the helmet and make it a completely different model so you can use it for posing on other models?