Russian executes Terrorist Officer [ My first pose w/ editing ]

Hi there! This is my first pose and editing attempt in Garrysmod ever.


The blood looks like jelly.

You might want to try just posing first.

Bad Editing + Bad Posing = Worse

He shot Jelly Man.

Besides the blood looking like jelly, the guy getting shot looks like he’s about to start dancing, not like he’s dying. Maybe have your first poses involve scene after they have happened and then in later pictures try scenes as they happen?

The blood splattered on the walls seems a bit too large. There really shouldn’t be any visible blood if he shot the rebel where he stood.

But who doesn’t like jelly? :downs:

Guy on the left is posed decently but then you look at the center and right guys and you wonder what happened.

The guy all the way on the left looks good but… the center dude is waving as he does his death rattle, and the blood looks like red shit.

Thats a Terrorist officer?? looks like a mime.

No offense, but it looks like he’s about to go “Stop! Hammertime!” instead of dropping to the floor. And are you perchance shooting jam out of that gun?