Russian Federation Army Infantry

These are supposed to be soldiers of the modern Russian federation army. There are models of 2 different camo uniforms - regular flora and digital flora. Both uniform models have 4 different head models - the Arma 3 head, BF4 head, a one hole balaclava head and a three hole balaclava head. All have a bunch of bodygroups and stuff as per usual. Also included is a bodygrouped AK74M rifle model ported from Project Reality and a RPG-7 model ported from Arma 2. Also, in these models the helmet straps have a bone in the chin part which can be moved around using the bone tool so it should be possible to make it not clip when you pose the model’s mouth.

Poses by Slim Charles/Pvt. Jenkins:

Download this also
Workshop coming if I can get the piece of shit to fucking work

Did you use those PSD things I sent you?

I’m pretty sure these are actually Ukrainian patriots.

Uhhhh no they’re not?

Oh…man, it so sexy

You’ve done it again Simkas, great job!

I can tell you don’t frequent SH :v:

And that’s a good thing.

Holly shit man…

This is epic stuff. Many thanks.

Hell Yeah! I love you Simkas.

Very nice indeed.

Guys, I have drop it in legacy addon browser and have errors, work only ak-74 mag. Somebody have same errors?


Hell Yeah!

absolutely amazing!

Wonderful release again, great job!

Some bug reporting on my end:

Skins 1 through 14 on the following:

Have a sheen of pink checkers along their arms and face, like so. It’s the only bug I’m having though so aside from this they’re fantastic.

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Skin 0, the base group, is fine though.

great work simkas!

however they aren’t actually called the Russian Federation Army they’re called the Russian Ground Forces.

It’s a joke what I assume is in reference to the Russian statements during the Crimean crisis.

Yeah I fucked up the vmt lines for the detail textures for those, I’ll release a fix later today. Or if you don’t wanna wait, you can just go into the vmts and delete or comment out the detail texture lines.