Russian FSB for Counter Strike Source

[release]**FSB mw2 **
[tab]Name:[/tab] FSB from codMW2
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Counter Strike Source
[tab]Credit:[/tab] Models for Infinity Ward. Ripping for tlsaudrl2548
[tab]CSS Ripping:[/tab] Piwicho.

Replacement for CT



My goodness

No comments at all, this is just… beautiful

I’ve waited so long for a release like this I almost burst into tears…

Really excellent work!

Ditto to what the above posters said, this is great work and long overdue.

amazing man just perfect

good work man :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::smiley:

Model Ripping//HL2 Rigging:tlsaudrl2548/CSS Rigging:Piwicho/Smoky
Everything else: Infinity Ward, Activision
Piwicho´s Russian FSB force Finger Fixed By Smoky Russian FSB force Finger Fixed By Smoky.rar

The fingers,
what did you do to them.

I’m guessing he rigged them properly.

jo i rigged them

good work!

I don’t get why people post Counter-Strike Source things in the GARRY’S MOD section. And no, don’t even say it’s just a replacement. Because there is already a pack that includes ALL Call of Duty 4 and 6 models.

All those CSS replacements were Garry’s Mod ragdolls, along with the guns and the props. Plus, this is the only models/skins section I know. If you know any other section for models, skins and replacements; tell me.

You can’t post stuff like this there. It gets reported and deleted straight away. Ports from games that don’t allow it are ileagal
, and therefore fpsbanana deletes them.

One little bug i notice from this mod. The Russian flag patch on the model’s left sleaves doesn’t stay on the shirt. When they kneel down or something you see the patch sticking up which is kind of awkward.

Is there anyway to fix this?

Basically. Thanks for explaining, now I don’t need to waste my time explaining the obvious to people that don’t understand.