RUSSIAN || Good Build Server | WIP

RUSSIAN || Good Build Server

Server have achievements, points system and much more :smiley:

Addons: Adv Duplicator, Adv. Teleporter, Advanced Stacker, Anti-NoClip, citrus Russian, color names, cupack (может оставлю), DoorSTool, Fin2, EasyPrecision, gyropod_advanced, hMaintenance (не на автомате), InfoTool, IP To Country, keypad, kRequest, moongate, OL_MeasuringStick, Player Clothing (hl2, ep2, css), Smart_Constraint, smart_freezer, smart_welding, smartsnap, Stacker STool, Super Parent multi, Transition, Unbreakable, WeightSTool, weld_detail, Wenlis Tools (это PhysGun Build mode и еще кое-что), wire_huddrawing, wire+extras, WireWeld, Youtube Player.

All players must have WireMod, PHX3, Counter-Strike:Source and Half-Life2.

Computer: Intel core 2 duo E7200 @ 2.53GHz, 2,0GB RAM, Sapphire Radeon HD 3750
Map: You can vote for map in-game, but standart map is gm_wireconstruct_rc
Maximum Players: 15 for now…
Ps: and i have russian fretta with garryware, haaaax and flood etc mods
Hope you like it.

I accept any suggestions and comments. Trolls go fuck

Advertising is allowed? o-o

In this forum, yes?

The stickies say

I cant find this “text” - This section is not your advertising tool.

This isnt for advertising mate.

In Soviet, Russia, server advertises you.