Russian Guns Down a Soldier With a PP2000.


Nice posing, but the smoke from the silencer looks strange.

Another pose with horrible Russian model in stupid camo and Western gear.

the cheeseymcwank has spoken

Good critizm.

I like the pose, but it would be cooler if we can see the entire guy being shot. The muzzle flash is okay, and the blood is pretty good. The posing is good too. Overall good job.

Thanks I have been working on my critizm.

why so negative with the critizm :v:

where all you guys see western gear?..the only thing he wears that may be western-made is his helm, but i don’t think it is so. And others -pockets,gloves,clothes…they are similar everywhere

But the cammo is realy stupid:smile:

omg u guys sux mw2 is de best game everrr ur just jelus with ur battlefag dick company 2!!! XDDDD

i’m always getting bullied just because i like battlefag dick company :saddowns:

I don’t see why people can like two games. I like both CoD:MW2 and BF:BC2, but people feel like they have to swear a blood oath to only like one series of a FPS. If I were not to have used MW2 models but everything else was exactly the same all CheesyMcBrit could say is that is was generic, which big deal but because of Cheesy’s unrelenting destestment of MW2 it makes the picture that much worse. Yay.


Women’s gun

The gear on him (vest, helmet, etc) is all western
His uniform isn’t though, it’s a Gorka-E or something from the looks of it.
also pp2000 is gigantic pea shooter

Ofcourse it’s a pea shooter, it’s a sub-machine gun… all they fire is pistol rounds.

i thought people played battlefag dick company 2

That PP2000 is tiny.

Nice edit.


The only thing that needs work is the smoke.

The posing is damn good

Lol he got shot.