Russian houses

I wanted to create some of the Russian houses, so that’s what I came up with for this moment:


add a bit more colour variation to it your is very grey where as im seeing white blue orange yellow brown cream in the reference pic.

god those russian flats are so ugly. my heart goes out to the pp that have to live in them

Thank you for your comment, I’m going to make a building longer, add more colors and some other small stuff.

There are a wooden houses in Russia, they are not so ugly as these D:

Use a better texture for the windows. And the building’s basic texture looks a bit funky, I don’t exactly remember pre-fab flats with walls like that…

I’ll find a better windows texture. thx. By the way, the texture is custom.

Change your windows.
And use semi-dirty-concrete-walls.

Yeah. The walls are too clean-looking.

I’m so used to these shitty building, I don’t even think that they are ugly… well, I mean they are, but they are so common…

these textures could be more or less perfect for what your after

Make the windows from brushes and put solid wood/glass textore in it.
Also you should re-create the hl2 skybox building ones.

In Russia, there are really cheap wooden coverings over the decks, as well as cheap glass windows. There is no architecture like that grid you have near the middle (some had the verticle slats). The windows look far too clean. It’s a good start, though.

Also, an idea for the outside: When I was in Ryazan (typical Russian city with lots of these Soviet standard apartment buildings) there was a lot of insulated pipeline stretching into the air, and winding around curves and stuff. It would be cool to see a realistic map with stuff like that.

Old flats in Finland:

And i even thought, that this is ugly.

Ever noticed how buildings looking butt-ugly in real life become cool as soon as they are in a video game?

For some reason, ugly and decaying environments look appealing in the virtual world.

That is due to the fact that having dirt/rust/filth on otherwise clean surfaces helps hide any texture flaws that the game developer might have overlooked.

These are called Khrushovkas AFAIK. They were built at the time of Nikita Khrushov.

How did you know?

I live in one :buddy:

How is the interior?

I live in detached house :buddy: