Russian in Washington

It has faults, but it’s very atmospheric.

Hahahahaha, you couldn’t resist could ya? Nice picture.

You should rename the title in “Meanwhile in Washington”.
Anyway, good job.

response on assualt of red square

LOL good one

I wanted to scroll right.

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So left heavy.

Again russians are bad guys (((

They’re really the only other military country that would could stand up to the US and isn’t friendly with us.

Way to over done. IMO.

your opinion is over done. IMO.

Nice pic, btw, i know how hard it is to do big scenes.

Also it’s russians not russian, you wouldn’t say american when there’s two or more.


You really believe in this bullshit? D:

They were only the bad guys for 60 years.

Kind of hard to shake that off.

You mean its hard for america to forget that they couldn’t blow off some steam in the cold war cause the russians were like ‘‘meh’’.

overly busy

That’s a bit far fetched, really.

the bad guys

4 americans rated it “dumb”