Russian mechanised patrol about to be ambushed by an armed refugee

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Apologies for the black lines around the soldiers’ legs. It was hard to isolate the subjects because of all the brown colours in the picture merging into each other and the problem only became noticeable once all of the elements of the editing came together.

Looks cool, just a tad bit too much blur.

That vort is gonna have a bad day when he realises he cant do much to an armored vehicle with an rifle.

Looks pretty cool but the visors on the russians look a bit weird and their borders are edgy.

Edit; I forgot to say, great shading on the vehicle.

Cool, nice shading and depth of field.

Vorts in Afghanistan fighting space-soviets


also nice tank, where’s it from

How’d you edit the helmets in on the bodies? Inflator works WONDERS when it comes to merging the Spartan heads on to COD models.

I don’t mean to hijack if that’s what you think I am doing, but here’s how I accomplished what I did in prior pictures, which you are probably familiar with seeing as I used them to troll with.

Originally, I used a green screen and collected macro images of individual soldiers. Green screening in Source doesn’t work too well due to the anti-aliasing, and in return ends up creating a green halo on the subject. You usually have to go around and trim off the edges. It’s time-consuming, HOWEVER, you don’t have to worry about errors later on because it’s perfect the first time around.

Here’s a few that I’ve cropped before:

The transparency masks come up weird on the forums but if you open it up in Photoshop or whatever it should automatically correct itself. ANYWAY, once you crop out the soldiers individually you shouldn’t have to do anything. You don’t have to shop in helmets or anything because if you’re smart you would just use the inflator tool. In your case I’m not entirely sure what you did to require any cropping other than not use the inflator, but from just looking at your picture by itself I don’t see any reason for cropping anyone or anything in the first place.


lost my train of thought here

another thing I’m not too fond of is the wide-angle view. I understand why you did it but there’s nothing in the corners of the screen to compliment wide-angle. A good way to fight that is to add vignetting

'tis really nice. Can’t really see the vort holding that gun though, must be the blur

It should have been a prawn.

Yeah, I just used the inflater and left it at that. I didn’t paste in the helmets or anything.

I am very familiar with them - I found the idea inspiring! While you were away from the forums for some time, I did a few Halo/MW2 spacemarines pictures. It was a brilliant idea to combine the two models.

I isolated each individual character and the APC because I use dodge and burn to create shadows that aren’t possible using the Source Engine alone.

Thanks for the critique! I’m grateful you took the time to write all that.

Thanks for the comment. The APC is from the Frontlines: Fuels of War pack.

I couldn’t pose the vort holding the rifle correctly so I had his left arm resting on top and the right arm steadying himself on the corrugated iron just off-screen. My original plan was to edit in a strap for the rifle but with the depth-of-field I thought it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

I wanted a picture inspired by District 9, not a District 9 picture.

Thanks for the comments so far, chaps!

So my hacks still aren’t good enough for you :saddowns:

Nah nvm, nice pic.

Thanks. I don’t recall you doing Russian hacks though.

Well uh, true. Sorry.

You’d think they’d have wall hacks in “Dem fancy suites.”

Looks good Chesty rated box so you have something to keep your arties in.

Man in front looks a bit statue like.

Nice Dof

The texturing on the Car/Tank thing is just plain awesome.
It looks like copy and pasted from a photo.

chesty your officially a gimp god

nice pic

Oh no! This vorti is going to kill them with their own weapon!
It’s so unfair :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments guys.

Thanks… I think?