Russian Mechanized Troops move through American Town


–Tried to make the afterburners on the jets burn
–Motion Blurred jets
–Chestified-Flashified the BTR Cannon
–Motion Blurred the Russian coming OUT of the BTR
–Applied D&B to the Russian Soldier on the Radio
–Added a ‘Please Wait’ screen on the cellphone.
–Added random tracers firing at the jets to make the scene less boring.

C&C yah?


“I guess you were right, Dimetri. Reception’s no better in America!”

Really nice.

Posing is top notch, but the muzzleflash needs to be less yellowish, with more firey colors around it.
Tracers are nice man, and the motion blur is cool.

This really needs a nice edit.



They’re getting shot at and shooting… and yet one of them is filming on his mobile? Lolwut?

The flash needs less yellow glow.

lol at the cellphone

Then what’s editing to be called then? :stuck_out_tongue:

More comments?..Anyone?

It’s kind of a MW2 joke I think

The middle of war. Always a good time to snap a pic.
Anyways, I like this. The posing is excellent.

Good Wars

no wars are great :L

good work

Some shadows etcetera.

blitzkrieg lol?
I like it.

Yeah, it was in the mission Team Player where one guy is checking reception or something.