Russian Mercs having a conversation at the campsite.


Nobody holds there gun like that.

He does.

That shotgun on the rock near the left soldier looks so tiny and the camera angle looks a bit eye-fished.

He needs to see a doctor.

It’s a Striker which is a small shotgun, and which docter do you recommend Bubz?

Not a Russian doctor, I can tell you that.

:v: Have a funny.

Normally I would make a comment on how the MW2 russian models don’t look anything like any militant in eastern Europe whatsoever, but eh. Pose looks rather nice, but the guy laying down looks abit too stiff.

Yes they do; It’s a much more relaxed position that strains less on your arms since all the weight is on the sling instead while it’s still in a ready-to-go position.

That one guy looks like he’s dead

He’s not, he’s resting.

I just imagined the shotgun on the rock blowing the guys balls off :v:


Well he sure is resting in an uncomfortable looking position.

What the fuck is wrong with russians?

A lot of things, they sleep uncomfortably and put there mini-shotguns right next to their balls and hold there gun in a supposedly ‘relaxed’ way.

Whats wrong with Russians? They’re weird people.