Russian Militia about to be backstepped.


He is blind. And deaf.


Do want guy on far left

Maybe he’s looking the other way.

And maybe there’s some douche off screen blasting some loud Slipknot so he can’t hear.

Wow it’s the same exact kind of ambush/sneak attack pose where they’re sitting within a stupidly close distance of a stupidly oblivious enemy except it’s at a DIFFERENT ANGLE.

Regardless, the posing on the guys in the background is pretty good. I’m assuming the militiaman is walking, correct? If so then that’s the weirdest walking pose I’ve ever seen; His back is perfectly straight, and his legs are way too bent.

Now the editing is alright I guess. Nice scenery, but the contrast on them is excessive looking, and what’s with the smoke at the bottom? I’ve seen that in so many poses now that it isn’t even funny. What purpose does it serve?



Or backstabbed?

Shit, no wonder his walking pose is so awkward. He’s moonwalking!

everything loen said, plus two cents of my own:


if it’s dust, the only times i’ve seen dust like that have been volcanic ash or very, very fine sand (read: not the kind in the desert). stop it. and stop with the washed-out colours and overdone contrast. you were starting to break away from the generic samey look, but you’re back to square one now.

I just edit like environment of cod4 or mw2, well… If those sand or smoke stuffs r too out of place, I won’t add them reckless.


Sry. *backstabbed.


Am I?? Then I have to fix it. And washed-out colours?? I just want to make the atmosphere of night with moon lights.

night, even with a full moon and light pollution from any neighbouring cities, would have a much darker sky; there would be a faint shift towards blue-green as far as colours go, as the cells in your eyes that process colour are barely used at night.

What i dont even

Looks like they all stopped at the lube factory too.

You are such a whiny bitch.

lol. ^

hahah oh no oh man you sure showed me!!! damn i wish i shared your razor-sharp wit

Don’t start another argument here, use the already destroyed thread.

just for reference i’d like to remind everyone that i was not the one who just quoted an entirely reasonable statement and then called the poster a whiny bitch b/c i am a talentless retard who likes to start shit because it’s what the cool kids do these days

Why do you have to complain about everything you don’t like?

These models are laughably shoddy

the entire composition of the picture is off, too. There’s way too much empty space all around and the rimlighting is super empowering.

seriously, ddok, you just aren’t good at gunposing or whatever it is you’re trying to do, mainly because you dried it out too quickly. Do something else. This isn’t working out for you at all.