Russian patrol gets knocked the fuck out

So unlike my MSPaint drawn “Gas station war” thread, I have decided to trully try this time and i’ve spent time on tutorials for blood… so here is the result of this.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Stealing other people's work" - Uberslug))

Nice work stealing stuff from FPSBanana

Yep, I predicted this.

This is fake and gay. :colbert:


Not gay but the butthurt who stole this to be cool is fake and gay.

Yeah I can tell, the guy only has 28 posts. Obviously not a good editor or poser trying to be cool.

:master: :iceburn:



Why would a Russian soldier even use an L85?

hey, this is from FPSB!! :v:
cmon man, dont expect no one to notice you got this from there, espeically if its on the first page…

Oh my god.
Words cant describe this.

If there was a hell, there would be a special level for people who steal other’s work. They would spend an eternity there making Link rape pictures in 8 bit graphics. And no Pizza.

These 2010 joiners are idiots.
I haven’t kept count of other ones but I now have two people who did really stupid things on Facepunch (who joined in 2010)

  1. Some Nazi joined with a username of Nazi666 and had a Swastika as their avatar. I found this person out by them asking about a good flight simulator (hmmm…)
  2. The OP in this thread, AKA Vakarian, AKA the kid who steals peoples work.

Why are people this stupid…Just asking, I know the reason.
Or maybe not. :T

That nicknames with “666” or “777” are really annoying. People with no imagination choose them.

I’m guessing the way he was using “666”, was the “beast”.

Replied it in case he wants to snip it to get away with this :science: