Russian Pride

*Ship to around 3:57 in the video, music picks up quite well.*

This only took me 2 days to make. I feel confident that I did a decent job on it and tried to make it ’LESS’ generic.

2 days? Isn’t that kinda exagerated for the actual amount of stuff that is in the image?

It’s not bad at all anyways

It probably didn’t take all of two days.

For one of my recent pictures, I worked on and off it for a few days–maybe for an hour at the least-- just fiddling with different elements of the picture; figuring out placements, what looks good, what doesn’t, etc. Even then, there was probably a handful of objects in the scene (not nearly as much like in this picture).

That’s how I work, anyways; I’m pretty lazy.

the scene and composition are weird, while the left soldier is fighting in the open (someone behind him makes it look like he has third leg), machinegunner is standing tall and two guys on right look like they have no idea where are they going

nice colors and lighting tho

The composition is really weird, it looks like you cut off a huge part of the image on the right.

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And why are they wearing different camo?

What you said is basically true. Worked on this scene for a few hours a night and sadly had to leave out a bunch of props in order to get a better camera angle.

The music video is literally Russian propaganda :v:

I tried to scroll to the right. Realized it was cut off. Posing is weird, and I don’t see how it’s any less generic than your other poses, though this one at least looks quite a bit nicer. The effects are weak though, and I almost didn’t even noticed that small plip of a muzzleflash. The blood is too bright and I can see it going to areas it shouldn’t be. The depth of field is uneven in the back and it seems like what should be in focus was randomized. The APC wheels in the back are floating, as well as the concrete barrier.

The fact you used manual DoF on the APC but not on the dead guy makes me wonder if it was really necessary, which it wasn’t. You should really of focused more on the guys rather than this half/half shebang.

Jesus man that video was graphic.


holy subtitles batman

You know there’s a subtitle option, don’t you?

This is a better angle? Looks to me like you could have picked a lot better angle.