Russian Rebel Opens fire on US Soldier


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every one is using cod4 vacant now?
nice edit buddy.

First person view?

Very nice


no… it’s 3rd person, can’t you see?

What are you talking about ? It’s a 6th person view !

It looks nice in some parts :<

10th… You blind? Obviously 10th.

Needs moar picture comments.

now that i like to see in real life,chechen vs us and russians

Is that stock of that AK47 7.62 touching him?

Hope its the 2nd or 1st floor…XD

I like.

You should make some S.T.A.L.K.E.R. pictures like this

Lol, if the US/Chechen/Russians were to fight, it’d be a unfair battle, the Russians and Chechen would be too busy fighting each other than the US to fight Chechen/Russian.

I think he was on the first floor :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, it is. It’s dark but it is

If I could get some STALKER’ish looking maps, I would do so, gladly.

What map are you using in this picture?

here ye go
this map is based on paranoia but it can fit

it does :< there is other nice looking maps out there though, I’m still waiting for someone to do a battle on the loading bay area.

Only 2 of those maps work for me, cause of some dumb error that CTD’s me.

What’s up with the AK the second rebel is holding? The clip looks fucked up.

Sexy lighting work, only bad thing I see is the wall texture to the left.

Care to elaborate?

I’ll do that weird ass AK when I get back. As long as I can take this pic and put it in my thread.

If it wasn’t first person than this would of been better