Russian Riotshielder Shooting

C&C Would be appreciated

Fingerposing needs some work, there is too much finger inside that trigger, only the tip should be in.
Other posing is fine, Muzzleflash needs more hot colors, besides yellow but the lights around the muzzleflash are ok.

the shading and posing is a bit bad but the light coming from the muzzleflash and the muzzleflash itself is very good.

Good work on the flash, although it is too yellow for my tastes.

I think that the posing on the riot shield guy looks ok.

Edit: Yeah, the finger is a little off.

I mean the finger posing sry

This would have looked better if it weren’t for the stupid low res model just on screen on the left.

I like it.

Ya i know,
it messed the thing up.

I really like the picture, but I just a little off’d by the tiny pistol.

The slide of the pistol could use some motion blur, and a shell ejecting.