Russian Roulette

[release]Russian Roulette is a game of chance.

One player takes a revolver and puts it on their head.

And pulls the trigger. :suicide:

There’s only 1 shot in the six shot cylinder, so the player has a 1 out of 6 chance to die.

Themes adhered to:
Twists incorporated:
[ul][li]Non IN_* key movement[/ul]


[li]It can be played on any map.
[/li][li]The more players the better!
[/li][li]It is a fretta gamemode, meant only to occupy a few minutes of your time. :wink:
[/li][li]Most testing was with bots, and one random guy who was really determined to join. :buddy:
[/li][li]Exactly two days of work was put into conceptualizing and coding this.
[/li][li]I used Grea$emonkey’s barebones fretta gamemode as a base. It saved time. :3

Well, now that I’ve finished that whim, on to a real entry!


This is the first thing I thought of when I saw “Risk/Chance”. :v: I just didn’t think it would be fun to stand around and pull a trigger.

Same here, hence why I coded it on a whim.

you should play chat roulette


Would Non IN_* key movement work as your twist since there isn’t any movement?


Very cool. Wait, where did you get my fretta template? I totally forgot I uploaded that. :3:

From there.

Right. I’m glad someone chose the IN_* keys twist, but it seems like more could be done with it.

It would be nice to try this on a server.

Sounds like fun, is anyone hosting this?