Russian S.O.T.A. soldiers

Now those pesky yankee nanosuits and stealth armor chinesse will get what they deserve!

Designed with Russian Touch!

It also can glow!

Now here is fun part! you can change those glowing parts to any color (or make them not glow at all) via simple vmt edit! Just find this line “$selfillumtint” “[R G B]” in body or head vmt, and change values according to RGB color matrix (if all parameters lower then 1, no glow at all! :D)

:siren: :siren:CREDITS! :siren: :siren:
Lillwasa, for headhacking. Karimatrix for reskin
Mirror’s edge creators for pursuit cop’s body.
F.E.A.R. 2 creators for replica head.

Download link:
also Credits in da info file! :3

and ofcourse…

:psylon: :rock: :banjo: :rock: :pcgaming:


Wow, good job Karimatrix!

I am proud to be a part of this, it turned out fantastic.

That looks brilliant.

Great job!

Looks awesome! You’ve got my download!

This looks fucking awesome, nice model man.

You are surely one hell of a hacker.

I think this is just a reskin.

If im not wrong thats the head of a Fear soldier in the body of something else, its more than a reskin for sure.

Lillwasa did headhack for me (it was his first headhack!) and i reskinned.

FEAR 2 Replica Head w/ Mirror’s Edge Pursuit Cop Body + FEAR 2 Replica Gloves

that’s if my eyes serve me correctly

Ha! Those gloves were from pursuit cop too!

Well, I still was right about what Kari did. Though you might want to put credits in the OP.

Well then, kudos to you guys, you make an awesome team.

Go go Lillwasa & Karimatrix! :dance:

That’s… Really damn nice.
Good job guys

Where do you insert the vodka?

see those dead bodies?



needs more camo

Yeah, I’d dig that. Is there anyway to make it resemble the KPA nanosuit? Does anyone in fact have a texture for that, or the Crysis USMC camo?


Damn you kari!