Russian Sharp Shooter Patiently Waits For A Target
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the sunbeams look cheesey

That lighting line or whatever you have on it looks pretty bad and out of place.

“Chillin’ out with ma gun.”

Eff yea.

so there are god rays coming in from the top window downward, as well as coming in from the side/front window practically horizontally?

how does that work, i wonder? two suns? russians in space?

other than those lighting beams, this really pwns

yeah i guess i fudged up on the sunbeams but it looked so cool at the time

The posing and the scene build are flawless, I can’t say the same for the editing.

Reminds me of “Enemy At the Gates”, well done.

The isolation on the windows looks bad as well. Nonetheless a nice pose.

The editing is a bit sketchy but the atmosphere is superb.