"Russian Sniper Unit Stalking A Patrol."

Russian Sniper unit are in the radiactive zone near Chernobyl NPP in the morning about 07:00 Am. He is looking for Imran Zakhaev’s son.
He’s about to move, but then he spots a patrol and stay where he is.


What. The fuck. Is that AK? Holy shit is the sniper 12 and thought he needed to use every t4ctico0l attachment he could find?

The fact it has both a PSO and an Eotech makes my head hurt

No, it’s a run-of-the-mill AK-47 that has had every fucking tacticool accessory known to man jammed on it. It has a PSO on it (which is, I guess, fair enough) and for some reason it also has a waffle mag (which was used by Bulgaria, not Russia), some kind of shitty quad-rail system with some big fuckoff flashlight hanging off, an Eotech right in front of the goddamn scope (it’s a wonder it doesn’t block the sight picture, but it’s still less than useless since the fucking PSO mount blocks it completely), and what looks like a grippod to top it all off. It’s a terrible model, and anyone who sets an AK up like that in real life is a fucking retard.

Hanging a billion useless pieces of turd off of a rifle doesn’t make it magically better, it makes it a lot heavier and if anything even harder to use well. He’d be better of with a normal AK or, at the very most, an AK-74 with a 1P29 on the optics rail.

Don’t ever use that model again.

Was it really necessary to show us that sprite grass so close?
Damn, at least a quarter of the picture is a one gaint grass!

Okay, fair enough. But just forget the AK kinda model now, i failed i know, i guess? But is anything else good?

I looks like the EOtech is mounted forward on the gun infront of the PSO so the user could look down the scope and then the sights if they needed to.

Go back and look again. The PSO has an adjustment screw hanging down from the bottom of the tube which is directly in front of the Eotech’s reticle. It would be nigh on fucking impossible to aim using that unless you had ESP, x-ray vision, or both.

Not really. The bloom is awful, the sprite grass is too close to the camera and just looks awful, and the other models you used aren’t too good either. The posing is mediocre at best.

If you want to have grass all up in the camera’s grill, edit it in yourself. Don’t let ingame grass get that close to the camera unless the DoF totally blurs it out.

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Note that no matter what you do to it, an AK is never going to be a ‘sniper rifle’.

1P29: 4x magnification, good for mid-range shooting with fair accuracy. Roughly equivalent to the British SUSAT (the 1P29 is actually a Russian copy of the Trilux, which came before the SUSAT)

PK-AS: no magnification, but at that range it hardly matters

PSO: You’d be better off with a 1P29 since they both magnify the same, but if you must:

Putting any kind of magnifying optics on an AK-47 is hopelessly optimistic, don’t even bother. They’re more accurate than people think, but not enough to justify a legitimate scope.

You may have noticed recently that Alpha are starting to add 1913 rails and aftermarket parts to their AKs; however they, unlike you (and nearly everyone on this forum) know how to set a rifle up properly and generally stick with one optic to a rifle and maybe a flashlight and foregrip. They sure as fuck don’t cram as much shit onto the rails as will fit.

Congrajulations. You’ve now proven jack shit.

And good sir, the world salutes you.

I like the grass up-close effect myself, and the scene-building is fucking orgasmic. And, although your finger-posing is sex with fingers, you might need to use better looking models and work a bit on the posing. Love you, honey buns.

What the fuck it went from AK-47 to M16.

Woo! Blind Baddies again!
Seriously, if they cant see the fucking body shape of grass and a tactic00l raped AK47 sticking out of the grass, im gonna go fucking insane.

Tell my what the shit the need is for a scope…a flash light…AND a god damn scope on the same gun.

Also, generally, armies/militaries/groups dont send out patrols of 2 men both armed with machine guns, 2 men, yes, but with 2 machine guns, no.

that doesn’t help the fact that he has no concept of functionality

And they are generally armed with that country’s weapons.