Russian solder walking through destroyed field of some sort

The build itself:

awesome scenebuild. good posing.
can u tell me how to make smoke in game?

Particle Controller Tool, found on

damn thanks

Your scenebuilding skills make me yealous.
I can’t do better then a forest which is what everybody can.
Very good use of ingame editing too.

Really, it’s not that hard, you just gotta find the right props :smiley:

I tried.

Great scenebuild.

I love it.

That looks a bit like russia. Except for the Sign.

Great build. The soldier’s left hand looks a bit weird to me though.

Oh, wow. I wish I knew about this earlier. I’ve been using everything but this.

Haha, you could’ve just asked :v:

I didn’t know about it.

My quick contribution to the thread…

Wow, beautiful. New background for me. :v:

It is a shame the ground texture is so repetitive, needs something to break it up…

Yeah, I know, there’s nothing I can do about it, applying different textures will make it look even more horrible.

Good job, reminds me of stalker.

Should have put some rubble or something else to break up the textures… it doesn’t take away to much from the overall image.