Russian Soldier assaults Chechen Rebels

The first one isn’t edited because I didn’t feel it needed any.

I edited this one for a darker feel.

These are my first screen shots.

C&C please.

Needs a better camera angle. Why holding the camera, right click and move your mouse and yeah until you get one that you like

I wanted it to be over his shoulder and only focusing on the guy who he shot.

I really like the first one for some reason, I think it needs an edit though, the roof texture is ugly.
Oh and there are way too many shells…
Good job. :wink:

It’s good for your first.

cool, but so many shells

Duplicator isnt for posers, too many shells, tf2 blood (?), and the Russian’s dude legs makes it looks like hes having really tight pants.

It’s alright.

Way too many shells, and why aren’t they taking cover?

maybe because theyve just been ambushed, seriously u really need to stop saying stupid shit like “theyve got bad trigger training” or “why isnt he leaning on the wall, i would lean on the wall”. comment on the editing and pose from once!

Look at the number of shells on the ground. Each of them’s fired at least 20 rounds, yet they aren’t even moving towards cover.

it dosent matter, and dosent make any differnce to the quality of the pic, you seem to be the only one who gets botherd by this stuff, you always have to have some logical explanation, just use your imagination!

Use my imagination?
No thanks. I enjoy plausible scenarios.

Also, are the soldiers duped?


If they were running to cover or something, it would look much more dramatic.

How come nearly everyone that makes bad poses gets banned after a while?

because they make more than 1 bad post.