Russian soldier gazing off toward the sun (silly man that burns your eyeballs!)

Hiya guys. This happens to be my first time posting something of my own creation in this sub forum, so hullo thar for the first time as the OP. This is just something I started posing the other day when I got bored and it turned into what I think it a nice little scenic shot of a Russian soldier just chillin’ looking at the sun/horizon for some reason or another. He likes the view I guess.

This is my first real time trying to do something on photoshop, and I know it’s lacking a bit because I can sort of feel it is. I’d love some C&C and some advice on what I might be able to add in photoshop to give this picture some oomph.


And here’s the original for comparison:



Also, just another angle to see what’s going on over the other side:



  • Only one real note. Now that I look at it again I think it may be a little too dark, but I’ll wait and hear what you guys have to say first. Crit the shit out of it, I can’t wait for the advice.

Yeah its a little to dark, there should be more lights on the front of the guy.
But the angle is good, i liked it, even if it leaves alot of space to the right.

The smoke editing on the cigar looks good.

Pain in the ass FP being down JUST after I upload my first pic. Tut tut.

Anyway thanks for the crits so far, like I said yeah I thought it might be too dark. And the whole empty space on the right thing was me experimenting with imbalance to try and create a stronger focal point. I mean, I realise your eyes are probably going to go straight to the Russian anyway but meh, it was an experiment. I might try find a different angle or reload the save and add some shit on the right. Any suggestions for if I added some extra stuff?

And thanks Srgt. Shotup, I wasn’t sure if it was looking realistic enough or not. Much appreciated guys.