Russian Soldiers On a Patrol

dat jpeg quality

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Holy shit midget legs.

Dem models… where are they for downloading?

It’s cool and all, but the combination of effects is not used right.

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Not anymore.

Aw :frowning: no good?

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The light beam is really not were it should be, it actually should be higher and looking down not vertically. Now the lighting on the soldier is rather nice but wrong, that’s not how light works and the smoke rapes the quality even more, last but not least your shadows should be more more sharp and not all over the place with no point of existance, the best example is his left leg, just look at it has a shadow as the light falls on it.

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Just fix the wrong composition of effects and it will turn right.

It’s not bad.

The light direction makes no sense but overall the picture has some interesting atmosphere and the posing is okay-ish.

ok i did some shading on the legs and body idk if it looks any better? and changed up the shadowing on the bottom of his leg.

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where do you think the light is coming from? i tried to make it look like it was coming from over the top the buildings.

Since there’s no shadow and no light on the ground in the very right corner, the lighting doesn’t make sense. And I don’t talk about the two characters ’ “self”-lighting.

Could have been good since the composition is not bad, but there are too many flaws.

The lighting(as everyone said) is very strange.

Thank you for not MW2 pose!

We’re off To see the Wizard!!!