"Russian soldiers walking trought a battlefield."

Edited and posed by me. C&c please!




The asphalt is… plain.

I didn’t make the map…

C’mon comments :smiley:

You should’ve chosen a map that had a better asphalt texture then :wink:

camera angle is kinda bland

The fire looks weird, there should be more debris, and the ground looks clean for a war zone.
Oh, and the guy on the file locker looks out of place or weird dunno.

Nice posing on everything else tho :slight_smile:

lol. awesome~

Yeah it’s a little clean.


Why bad spelling?

악 이분은 보라돌이가 안뜨다니 ㅠㅠ

awesome :smiley:

thanks, but don’t understand your language.

The corner debri prop seems out of place also you should use the debri pile models the most and why add Russian letters over a sign of evocity’s gas station.

Russian city = Russian letters.

I mean you just put letters OVER a sign I mean it wasn’t necessary

Wait at the top right of the screen why is there a useless prop on the right of the building/above the right window…
Also the letters are clipping the pipe and blocking the doors for a weird reason or maybe its just the perspective…

It doesn’t make sense how all those debris got there,I mean come on the guy landed on a filing cabinet.

If there’s meat around there should be more blood around.


Legs Hands and what ever gibs are in the pic I mean


http://www.terma-nator.com/images/motivation/Spetsnaz.jpg that’s what made the debris XD kidding

Gibs, look closer.


You banned me :frowning:

Camera angle is very strange.