Russian Spetnaz Breaching A Room

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Why do they use G36 and SIG?

Spetnaz don’t just stand there to get shot at.

They stand there if they are currently shooting in a room with no cover available.

First off, who cares what guns they are using, and second, the middle guy is running, but you cant really tell from the this shot

Well if you’re going to entitle the image ‘Russian Spetsnaz Breaching A Room’ then you could at least pretend to try and make them look like actual Spetsnaz, not “the bad guys” from the MW series who are about as much Spetsnaz as I am President of the United States.

If you really wanted to give them random weapons, you could’ve called it “The Bad Guys From The MW Series Breaching A Room”

rossmum i’ve banned you for complaining about MW2 models before and I’ll do it again

Every time you fucking do this a shitstorm breaks out, and I’ve had enough. STOP. Who gives a fuck about MW2 models so much as to complain about them like you do, seriously, Just fucking STOP.

So you’re going to ban me for having an opinion you don’t like?

Where, exactly, I am specifically directing my posts at someone and saying “HEY YOU. THESE MODELS SUCK. ITS YOUR FAULT”? Why would it be me who gets banned when most of the time it’s someone else who decides to quote whatever I’ve said and turn it into a complete shitfight? I guess if I go around quoting people’s comments and then starting a big argument over it you’ll ban them for me? Excellent.

Are you going to start threatening to ban other people for having opinions you don’t like as well?

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While we’re at it how about you go and ban everyone who comments on aspects of criticism that always start fights? I mean, people argue over that stuff all the time and quite often it goes on for pages and pages. Ban them, they’re causing fights every time they bring up criticism!

Every time somebody uses a MW2 model you start a shit storm.

No, every time I comment on MW2 models some retard insists on quoting my post and fucking crying about it.

Naturally though it looks more like you’re doing something if you ban me so the kids have nothing to cry about rather than tell them to cool it so it doesn’t blow out into a 10-page fuckfight. I guess it would be too much to ask to be able to post my goddamn opinion like any other person on this entire forum without fear of getting banned because a recruit mod doesn’t agree with it and would rather get a quick fix to all those shitstorms than actually moderate impartially like they’re supposed to.

no not really they’re using fatally improper room entry technique here

e: on top of that, the muzzleflashes don’t strike points with me, the ‘action blur’ is fairly distasteful, and the map is too low quality for those models. the angle leaves a lot to be desired, this appears to be a generic ‘bunch of guys shooting offscreen and a few getting deaded’ shot, and there is a tracer in the middle of the screen that badly reflects the impact the one guy’s taking. the posing itself is nothing to swoon over, either. realism is also completely missing, and the picture isn’t bombastically awesome enough (or badass at all, honestly) to make up for it. it all needs improvement i think.

Then stop complaining about a MW2 Model, that might help.

Stop this conversation here NOW.

people can get fat from poor eating decisions but will unhealthy foods stop being produced? no

this is a poor attempt to nip it at the bud, sir, you’re taking the wrong approach i think, i also think you are a little too much in choler to work this out fairly and without bias. in other words i think you should try and leave it to another mod. plus he’s not even talking about the model. he’s talking about how the pose clearly reflects not specnaz gru but some deficient dudes who got handed mook suits to go get themselves lit up with.

Am I allowed to talk about radial blur? Because it’s overdone and it really does take away from the rest of the picture. Also I’d advise changing up your muzzle flashes, because realism (although I doubt you care about it for the sake of realism) actually means more interesting flashes than teardrop-shaped yellow blobs. Add some patterning in there from the flash eliminators (you know, like how a 6-prong elim on an M16 sometimes shoots out a star-shape) and some sparks, and vary the colouring up a bit. Also chuck in some smoke, since you can then light the smoke to correspond with the flash and it looks baller as fuck.

Casings could really add to the picture too, with smoke trailing off of them as they’re flung across the screen and perhaps even the light catching one or two of them and glinting off. Additionally, that tracer actually removes from the picture rather than adding to it, so I’d recommend not using those again (especially in a crowded image like this, indoors). If you absolutely must use tracers, look up some stills and/or videos of actual tracer fire and try limit it. Having tracers everywhere just looks boring and fake, it’s been done to death.

In closing, you’ve got too much wasted space and the posing is uninteresting - it’s two guys looking and firing in the same direction while another gets shot from that direction and another is dead. Play with positioning and actions - maybe have a guy reloading, or have them fanned out and watching different directions as you actually would when room clearing. Again it’s not just realism here, it looks more interesting than a bunch of dudes just sort of shooting at the same offscreen target.

If this “shitstorm” doesn’t end, it may end with a…FATALITYYYYY

I don’t see a shit storm, I see criticism.

Why would there be a shitstorm this time? He made a polite criticism about content in the screenshot. I took issue when him when he was inserting unneeded hostility in with his opinion. I don’t see anything wrong with giving your opinion in a polite manner.

Is he right? I don’t know, I’m not an expert on Russian special forces, I don’t think anyone can claim to be. From what I’ve read, they are allowed to use whatever gear they want. Often times in games and movies, you see them all in immaculately matching uniforms, when in fact, part of their getup is personalizing their loadout. They can use any weapon they want, and any combination of gear.

I think Infinity Ward read the same thing, but took it way too far.

Hey it is Mr. Offscreen. long time no see, bro!

From what I’ve seen and heard from guys who have since retired (mostly Chechnya vets), they do use more or less whatever they want but tend to stick with issue or locally-made commercial stuff (same as our SF, really). Lately there have been photos and videos going around of Western gear in use (mostly weapon attachments - ACOGs, Eotechs, and Surefire foregrips in particular) but they are still very much Russian in appearance. Uniforms are issue or close to issue and generally don’t feature really prominent markings, if they even feature any at all.

The big problems with most mainstream ‘modern warfare’ games is that they go totally overboard, chasing the Hollywood look rather than the legit one. More than likely they saw some photos of a bunch of Airsoft obsessives with too much cash and figured they’d roll that way.

Proportions… I have no idea about the origins of that issue, but they’ve been an issue since the very first CoD game (in fact they were so short-legged in that game that even on my first playthrough just after it came out I knew something was screwy). I guess it could be something to do with aesthetics or screen aspect ratios or whatever the fuck but personally I don’t see any sense in it. MW2’s plate carriers and LBVs were also a lot thicker than they should be (a lot of games suffer from this too), leading to soldiers going from “armoured” to “step away from the donuts” in profile.

Basically these models are great if you want to do a kind of tongue-in-cheek thing like BC2 (and I personally love those kinds of games purely because they don’t take themselves too seriously and claim to be realistic or accurate when they’re not), but if you’re going for a specific “these guys ARE Russian SF, they ARE doing something Russian SF do, this is supposed to be totally serious” they seem out of place.

As a bonus tidbit,

Alfa do not fuck around. Holy fucking shit.

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Oh, and just a heads-up: Simkas is porting the WiC cinematic models for us, which include 1980s US and Soviet troops with assorted gear. There are vehicle crewmen for both as well, and he might do the KLMK-suited Spetsnaz from the opening mission of Soviet Assault. They’re kitted out in '80s gear so they won’t really work for anything from the last 10-15 years, but they look great so far and can only get better.

I don’t see the issue.