Russian Spetsnaz release.


Gorka variants:


Special thanks for:
CODMWR heads - Comяade NinjaNub
Test: Ebyam
Boris The Blade


Fantastic release, mate.

good stuff

This is sexy blyat

hot damn

Aww yiss

These looks really great! good work.

Thank you for this! Love it!

When I see this post… I feel orgasmo. This is brilliant.

a guy that looks like glaz doesn’t include? I can see only head.

You can bone merge that head prop onto the other models, it’s bonemergable headgear.

Aesome stuff. But jesus christ I was not ready for that download size

Our lord and savior on 1st pic? definitely like!

These look absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to try 'em out!

Dat look, when chechen guy says he wants to join ISIS

sry for bad English and bump this old thread. but i think comradIvan still don’t know we can’t spawn model name ‘spet2_balac3’ and ‘spet_balac3’ in the Gmod.



Do model man, please, I did it myself, but I have Erorr

Сделай модель человека, пожалуйста, я сделал сам, но у меня Ерорр

Don’t bump old threads,try sending a Personal Message to the Creator next time.