Russian Stealth

looks like a game of metro on bf3


I lol’d.

I spit my Chinese takeout all over my screen as soon as I scrolled right.

Damn you.

Its safe to say that I love your screenshots.

Also, this made me laugh…HARD. Though, it appears they’re all left-handed.

As am I.

It appears we are both left-handed…I salute you, good sir.

Haha, nice work, and i really love the posing!

Your composition is extremely heavy on the right side. I’m going to take a wild guess and note that you speak english in a western civilization. You should only have your composition left heavy or a little top heavy because we read left to right. Other than that, you have alot of negative space in the middle.


Give him all of your boxes

I’m going to smack you so hard your skin changes color, Boy.