Russian Super Extreme Military Force



As an added bonus: Payday 2 Inspired Screenshot, made this a while ago and I figured that I should post it before deleting it.

*I am not a professional with using Adobe After Effects CS6 for picture editing.

Criticism appreciated.

They all look really bored with what they’re doing
“Eh, just more Americans. I wonder what Svetlana is cooking for dinner.”

Payday 2 one looks way better

Just curious as to how it was better?
Oh it was a joke.

“RANK UP! Master Sergeant Shooter Person of the most Important Person of the Master Sergeants, TO THE MAX.”

That makes me wan’t to install Duty Calls again…

WarZ AKM, Nice lol

My 3 favourite quotes are “I am an enemy paratrooper. You can not shoot me because this is a cut scene ratatata Bbbbblloody screen SO REAL” the “I will never hand nuclear missile bomb to you” - “Hand the nuclear missile bomb to us, leader enemy boss.” - “Okay, you win, USA is dominate.” and finally - “Echo Alpha One niner (or something long like that) I’m going to point at you and say something extremely important!” get’s run over “I have died, further increasing the drama in the story” - shows jeep with 50. cal “Ha! You’ll never catch me! Unless for some reason the game goes into slow motion, making me easy to shoot” slo mo engages “Ooh nooooooo”

Wait, I just described the whole game :confused: