Russian SWAT From MW2


yea rite I’m lazy ass so I put everything in 1 picture.
everything is in that picture so it’s not that difficult to download.
unless you don’t read it and keep looking for a download link.

For those who don’t know how to download:

Awesome. I must try these.

Can you port some ranger models?

Well if luxox_18 rip them.

I think that TF-141 guys will be useful too.

Yes finally, 'bout time you updated them! Are you going to make a newer version of makarovs mercs as well?

Awesome, now to the citizens and hostages! :smile:

MW2 Citizens and hostages are terrible.
their thin legs and weird arms make me say so.

fuck the TF141, Citizens, and hostages.
I want some Favela Militia

Citizen’s body is based on favela militia. give up man.

Yeah, I’d like some Militia too, but I would also like the citizens aswell :smiley:
and the makarovs guys from no russian, E.G Lev, Viktor, ETC. :3

Yeah, because you think the GMOD community like tacticool soldiers only, don’t you. I WANT MY NO RUSSIAN CIVILIANS PLEASE. Oh, and if you want to see really fucked up anatomy:

Yeah I might port them.

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Nope. I love other models.
and we can’t port civilians cuz luxox_18 hasn’t released t-posed object files.

Then I withdraw my statement.

FSB? Uhh on their vest it actually says MVD. It’s a different thing.
FSB is Federal Security Service (if translated from Russian)
While MVD is Ministry of Internet Affairs.

Just as a note.

If you couldn’t see an image:

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Call them Russian SWAT If you’re confused.

Good tovaricsh…

I want those women from the airport. :smug:

Internet affairs? Oh, wait…

What about a bodygrouped marines?

I’m guessing he meant internal affairs.

Thanks! May I ask, which ones will you port? :3