Russian T-90 tank please?

Oh come on! The best tank in the world (it pawnz abrams, in reality, not in games for some reason) and there is no model of it here?
Please facepunch! Pimp my… i mean help my request!

Wasn’t there a t90 tank in stalker?

Just how many times have those tanks met in a battlefield?

The tank in the second pic has already been made and its also an npc. Its on

That is a T70. He wants a T90.

I think there’s on in the Insurgency content pack, but I believe you have to attach the turret manually.

That is a t-70 or t-80, and it is also horribly undersized.

Heh, my internet connection got restored just now - no one up for this request yet?

Lol what? Mkay, go for it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But he does have one logical point, we do need tanks in gmod.

Oh come on! The best tank in the world (It pawnz Abrams) writing things like that can like, cause a spam war. And an Abrams or Challenger II would own that.

You just said claiming one of the tanks better would be daft thing to do and then did it yourself.


I’m not sure why no one ever bothers to find out any information for themselves before they moronically spout status quo garbage in defense of something that has been proven wrong but, oh well. The T-90 is in fact superior to the Abrahms mbt, welcome to several years ago.

Fool do you realize what you’ve done?

Battlefield 2 has T-90 tanks.