Russian tank fires[Muzzle flash test 2]


I know that soldiers wouldnt do that in a real battle but this isnt meant to be realistic

So… C&C

The tank muzzle flash looks pixelated then blurred. Other than that, beast.

I took the tank muzzleflash from

What are those two SMGs on the left?

Those are MP5Ks from the MW2 pack

You’ve kinda managed to fuck that real life muzzle-flash of the tank up.

It looks really flat i might add, work on that more.

Posing is really wonky again.

The picture is pretty good though the guy on the left looks like he’s stumbling. Also, the muzzle flash for the tank is the wrong scale compared to the real one.

If I had scaled it correctly, it would have covered 70% of the picture


They’d be deaf…

Like all the other said, it still need some work.

Looks cool, but those SMGs look like power tools

what do you mean power tools?