Russian troops moving through a German city (First person)

In game editing as usual.


Feel free to edit, as I’ve just realised I’ve missed out the muzzle flashes :S

There doesn’t have to be muzzle flashes, maybe they’re taking aim or something, nice work tho

this is soo red orchestra.

Woah, bring back memories of COD:UO. The only COD game with vehicles done right.

This looks pretty badass.

MW2 is gonna have a implement of vehicle warfare, I don’t think you can drive them though.

We need more games like COD:UO, if MW2 has vehicles then that would be great.

COD:UO is the best in the whole series. Gameplay was incredible, and I’d still play it if IW still fully supported it.


Nice picture by the way. What map is that?

The map is dod_kolsch, should be on FPSB somewhere.

Nice posing.

The rifle looks like it’s from Red Orchestra. Maybe it’s from Taggart/Wystan’s WWII pack.

I love it, looks like a great picture.

Why is a sniper right up on the front line?

Aye that it is, as are the rest of the models I think.

To help out his fellow comrades?

Needs moar Super DoF, but otherwise pretty good.

Snipers ususally had to get involved in the main fighting, due to Stalin’s idiocy with, “Lol send all troops forward to kill them,” strategy.