Russians decide to liberate city 17(aka i dunno what else to pose so i am gonna do something from both reference and my mind)

Long time no thread.

A special mention goes to Ninja nub for his criticism.

Great work ! I dig the lighting !

Nice work, man. And hot damn, that’s a nice.

So I guess they discovered some Russian citizens in need of protection in city 17

Really nice, BTW are those Nub’s BF3 ruskies?

Now that you mention it, the link for the Russian MP guys is dead, can you PM those ?

Sorry man. these are all Ninja nub’s models[sp]and they are private as heck. You could ask him?[/sp], so i don’t have a link to he mp ones tsaurld released. You could send him a pm. He is always nice and helpful.

Alright, he’s done too much for me so far, thanks anyways !

They aren’t Russian they are pro-Russia separatists.

Any kind of criticism? I don’t get any anymore V:v:V

To be honest, I don’t really see a whole lot of criticism needed in this particular set of images. You really outdid yourself with these in particular, my favourite being the second. My only qualm would have to be not using the enhanced citizens as to avoid the mitten hands.