Russians engaging people in some sort of desert area

Generic picture awaaaaaay! At least I don’t have any TV lines on mine :v:

No shadows?

maybe they are vampires?


Well, as I tried adding shadows I realized how horrible it looked. So, no, no shadows on the corpses.

It’s okay. I like the muzzleflash. I despise that red camo though and the fact everyone gives Russian soldiers whatever weapons now-a-days.

No, your thinking about reflections dude!
Haha, Civil protection is the shit :v:

Nice shading.

I don’t know any Russian weapons :c


'Cept for the Kalashnikov.


kudos to you

Why is the XM8 so fucking huge!?


I know it’s not your fault, it’s the model, but still!

Nice but booooring. But hey I did say nice.

Big picture. So much work scrolling. fingers… gone… numb…

Get a bigger screen :eng101:


But, I feel for you, I’m on my 5 year old 1280x1024 screen for the week, everything is so horribly dark and huge :c

1680x1050 screen. Nothing to worry about

The picture needs more gore for my taste :mmmhmm: Not neccesary.

But the picture is Ok.

Not all picture needs excessive gore to be, at least, decent.