Russians fighting 'till the last man

Quick pose & edit.

Nice posing brah.

Nice posing and awesome shading. Good to see that you got some ideas again.

Yeah :3:

lol smoke gun

Lookin real nice Zerax. The shading is excellent. Muzzleflash could be a little less obscured by blur though. Right now it just looks like you took a big fuzzy brush and drew an oval.

Nice posing, perhaps could benefit from a slightly more dynamic camera angle then side on though.

Yeah, the gradient map fucked the muzzle up.

Nice posing and shading.
But the table could use some shadowing in the bottom. It looks like the table was pasted on from another picture.

The posing, camera angle and prop-placement are nice, as is the depth-of-field.

Weapon choices are odd.

The shading is mostly good, but it’s lacking detail in places.

The muzzleflash isn’t so good because it lacks shape.

Overall, great picture.

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Any more comments on this one?

i can asume that this is an episode 2 map ?

Not to bad, have wood

  • Posing is good
  • Camera angle is nice
  • That bar to the right is a bit distracting
  • Good burning
  • Decent muzzle flash
  • Still a very generic off screen baddies pose though

A Russian with a .357?

Should he have an AK47 and an RPG-7? Perhaps tossing Molotov cocktails? Why would he not have one?

It’s not standard issue. I could understand if he picked it up from a gun store they looted for extra guns and ammuniton.

Zombie Stalin (their president when this picture takes place, 2015) didn’t want to waste any more money on ammo for the soldiers, so he bought Absolut, Swedens finest vodka, for it all. Thus the soldiers were required to loot stores.


Who cares if he has a .357, realism isn’t my thing.

I love the shading&atmosphere, but that muzzle is way too blurry.

The gun is clipping through his body.