Russians find smokes on a dead body

Note: The stick he is holding is charring/on fire.

First shot of at GIMP editing.


Posing seems, a little stiff. Looks like you hurried. :slight_smile:

Now that I stare at this more, their elbows do look stiff. I couldn’t get the arms JUST right by normal means, so I tried welding a can to the hands and moving that.

Otherwise I wouldn’t say its horrible after a few months with out Gmod.

I’ll excuse your awkward posing (elbows bent far form the body, mainly) because of your rush to try editing.

But I hardly see any, all I can spot is the slight darkening of the two guys having a smoke, and of cource the smoke from the cigarette. The smoke looks pretty 2D, I’m afraid.

What’s the guy on (our) right holding in his left (our right) hand?

Smoke looks weird. Remember, smoke doesn’t really come from the cigarettes, more from the mouth.

cigarettes do smoke, but only when they’re burning vacantly, not being smoked (read: sucked, when the tip turns bright red), and even so very faintly.

He seems to be taking a breath and not actively sucking it, so the smoke is in place, but still no less weird.

honestly it looks terrible.

and cigarettes constantly “smoke”, plus it doesn’t look like that at all

I’ll take another editing shot later, I’ve been meaning to try that GIMP editing tutorial.

hittin off dat stick bong