Russians getting mowed down

Not exactly going for realism.
I’ve been on a shit streak lately
C&C please.

Blood looks like poop.

looked kinda orange’ish red on my monitor

Brown on me monitor.

I need to get a new monitor then.
I did use the blood impact decals as starter though

Same on 'me monitor, guv’nor.

Or new eyes…

and thank heavens you didn’t.

okay imagine the blood is red. Is the picture any good?

It’s a hell of a lot better than the last one you posted. You seem to be back on track.

the blood seems very sloopy

Spoopy :downs:

Liquid being sloppy, silly me

They literally Beat the shit out of them.


this is what happens when lawyers join the army.

blood could use work
looks like they store shit inside their pockets