Russians Glitchers

There are propably glitchers on Facepunch Ireland server.
They are group of 5-7 russians who have to much c4 explosives.
Yesterday they raided our base with about 8 c4. Then they used another 8 to destroy doors inside building. Then random Hacker came and kill all of them. They had another 14 c4’s in eq! now there is about 30 c4.
Then they came agin two Times, and used about 16 c4 on doors to get into empty base…

Other people complained that this russian guys came and destroyed his bases with a lot of c4.

Steam links to two of them:

Ireland has a large group of them. They live inside a glitched rock near the airfield. There is a group of them that duped huge amounts and made large amounts of rockets and C4. One of the guys you linked is a multiple account of one that has been banned already. They also run the hack software. They have been reported to both @rusthackreport and steam numerous times. Many bases were destroyed with rockets starting about July 22nd. They have really decimated the Ireland server.

I see two accounts in F22 friends list:

Saha with one VAC ban (rust propably):


If you can PM me I can send you more info.

most useful statement i have seen in a long time.