Russians having a civilized conversation

“And its nice quiet nights like this that remind me of why I love winter”
“That is good point vlad”

I can kinda see what you were going for with the dude on the left, but the guy in the middle looks like he’s some weird spaghetti-human hybrid with no ligature or cartilage in his body

poor dmitri and mikhail
their debilitating bone fault made them unable to even work as proper soldiers, and all nikolai could do was watch and try comforting them

It seems that a guy on the left is begging for help because his spine is broken.

I think that this is them immediately after nerve gas was deployed and they all started having strokes

Or they’re dead and some guy used their bodies for a scene.

That tire with the lantern in it looks really bad, the edges are just way to sharp on that model.

“So I had the insurgents wife on my dick like this right while his brains are still all over their leather couch…”