Russians in Rust

Is here any Russians around? Or am I alone? :c

For those who don’t speak Russian (…) check this out:

^ I’m currently working on them, trying to make them look as simple as I can. Even if you won’t understand anything, just check them out.


Таак воооот. Есть кто из русских? Только не говорите что я один :с
Так давай те же пообщаемся, поговорим об игре. Так же, если кто то хочет помочь с сайтами (дополнение статей, все дела) пишите ниже.

Всем спасибо.

Why should we check out a side in russian if we can’t speak that language ?

Yeah … I know… thats sound dumb :C

We don’t need a site for every language existant. Use the forums or team up on teamspeak.

.ru domains give you viruses 100% of the time, as do all links posted in the rust subforum

tread carefully guys

Ha. Hahahahahahah, hahahahahahahahahah. what a dumb kid. Depends what kind of websites, of course. I don’t have any advertisement on it, and I host it on American servers. So its almost impossible to make a virus website.

Making a website full with malware isn’t hard. Also, he isn’t a dumb kid as it is true.

Yeah and 100% of the .com domains are for commercial websites

How are you going to say 100% of .com websites are commercial when anyone can purchase a .com domain for any use?

it was sarcasm

really the only domains you can trust anymore are .pro and .edu

Ah didn’t notice it my mistake.

Keep in mind, government sites are able to be compromised. The only thing you can trust anymore is vmware.

Я тоже ищу русских коллег )

I used to trust these .gov, but not anymore

Site is legit, checked it, guy is just trying to help out his fellow ruskies. It isn’t formatted very well though. OP, instead of this, I would recommend talking to garry about buying the domains and letting you act as a translator, so they can provide people who don’t speak English as a first language access to the pages, I am sure he can work something out.

Please make russian servers garry

yeah, better keep the freaks in reservations

(User was banned for this post ("Racism / xenophobic" - MaxOfS2D))

Wow saying .ru contains viruses is sort of racist…

I took 3 semesters of russian and still don’t understand it lol