Russians kill germans in the wood

My scene build :X

And how to make phongless ragdolls?

Posing is stiff and awkward.

becouse those ragdolls have bad physic

Then use some other models. Besides, that’s not an acceptable excuse, I’ve seen a lot of good poses with these models.

The german models have terrible resolution.

You strip CoD5 models of their shaders and that’s what you get.

Wait you mean that the port was terrible ?

No not at all. The problem lies with the two game engines and the developers of World at War.

The problem with Source is that it doesn’t support a lot of the self-shading and things of that nature that CoD5 did, but the problem with the CoD5 developers is that they apparently have no fucking idea how to create decent textures, and instead just used a bunch of shaders to cover up their deficiencies. Because of this, all of the CoD games look okay in motion, but if you actually stop and look at the characters, you can really see that their textures suck.

Then that’s one more reason why we got editors. God bless Gimp and photoshop.