Russians landing on American soil.

I’m loving these models, easy to pose and they look awesome. C&C please.

Rain is fugly.
And I cant see shit cause its too dark.
The dutch guy wheres your quality? You made much better pictures some time ago.

that is not how you slide down a rope. It looks like he’s spooning with it.

Posing looks nice on the front soldiers but the dude on the rope just made me lol, he is hugging the rope.
Its a little dark but not that much and the rain lacks depth.

Try using that rain tecnique you use but create several layers, One bigger, one medium and one smaller.
(You can go as far as you want, I mean you can do 312973601897 rain layers but that would cover your hole picture ofc but the idea its to make the rain have depth).

I like the rain, its not that dark, but the proplem is the guy on the rope.
Ruins the picture.

Rope posing is bad and the camera angle is really boring.

Commie bastards.

Pretty good except for the guy sliding down the rope, and the Combine I think he’s actually improving


soldier hugging rope
btw good

Rope is floating take a look at the street not the sidewalk…

It’s a wee bit boring and not too well made. i’ll give you points for good posing on the two guys standing though.